Infection Prevention and Control

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Our Infection Prevention and Control online (e-Learning) course teaches a set of practices designed to limit or eliminate the transmission of infections in companies, organizations, or simply at home. All companies should adopt infection control compliance programs to ensure that individual staff and the organization as a whole are adhering to industry standards governing infection prevention and control. These training and compliance programs help ensure that all the employees are informed about what infections are, the dangers associated with them, how they are transmitted, and how to prevent and eliminate them. This course follows the latest guidelines and protocols as set by the World Health Organization® (WHO).

Learning Objectives

  1. To introduce the field of infection prevention and control and to define related key terms.
  2. To describe the process by which infectious pathogens are transmitted and how to break the chain of transmission.
  3. To discuss the various types of preventive measures that can be taken to prevent the spread of infections.
  4. To discuss how employees and organizations should respond when infection transmission does occur and how to control it.

Certification & Completion Card

If you complete all course requirements and pass the final exam (quiz), you’ll receive a course completion card.

  • 1. Introduction 0/7

    This lesson provides a general introduction to infection control.

  • 2. Transmission and Chain of Infection 0/7

    This lesson explains what is the chain of infection, how infectious agents are transmitted and how to break the chain of infection.

  • 3. Infection Prevention and Standard Precautions 0/11

    This lesson describes the standard precautions to be used by everyone in order to prevent infections.

  • 4. Infection Control and Transmission-based Precautions 0/3

    This lesson describes the transmission-based precautions to be established by organizations in order to control infections.

  • Quiz / Exam 0/1

    Test your knowledge


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