CPR AED Adult, Child and Infant

CPR AED Adult Child and Infant Bangkok First Aid

CPR AED Adult, Child and Infant

2.2. Assess and Phone: Check for Responsiveness and Shout for Help

Check for Responsiveness

Tap and shout to check if the person is responsive or unresponsive. Lean over the person or kneel at his side. Tap his shoulders and ask if he is OK.

  • The person moves, speaks, blinks, or otherwise reacts when you tap him. He is responsive. Ask the person if he needs help, and continue first aid care.
  • The person does not move, speak, or blink, or otherwise react when you tap him. He is unresponsive. Shout for help so that if others are nearby, they can help you.

Shout for Help

In an emergency, the sooner you realize that there is a problem and get additional help, the better it is for the person with a cardiac arrest. When more people are helping, you are able to provide better care to the person. If the person is unresponsive, shout for help.

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